Greenly Reviews

See what our amazing clients are saying about Greenly Cleaning


“Didn’t miss the baseboards or the cobwebs! Thank you for giving me my life back!”

-Tamara from Newcastle Ca

“My husband and I (as well as our fur babies) love Sandra! We love that we can focus on the world around us because Sandra has our backs when it comes to keeping our house beautiful.”

Jennifer+Stanley from Roseville Ca

(and Meow Meow The Cat and Parmesan The Dog)

“Greenly Cleaning has made my life better, and that is just the simple truth. Before I hired them I would come home every day after work feeling like another ton of bricks was being slammed down on my body just from the sheer amount of work I had to do at home cleaning wise.

Sandra has made it so I can come home and enjoy the time I get with my family instead of stressing about things that need to be done.

Thank you.”

-Angela from Roseville Ca

“Greenly Cleaning is a permanent fixture in our home now! Everyone at in our home jokes about how we wish Sandra would just live with us.”

-Shea from Roseville Ca

“Every other Monday I hear Sandra knock on my door and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the work that is being lifted off my shoulders. I come home from work, and my home smells fresh and sparkling clean. Always on time, has never canceled or not shown up. Sandra always comes with smiles and a get stuff done attitude.”

-Deborah from Carmichael Ca

“We have a lot of traffic throughout our home…Many dogs, many humans. Unfortunately because of that our floors are embarrassingly filthy, but not anymore! We have Sandra once a week to come clean for us and we could not be happier. If we could give her 10 stars we would, but for now I guess 5 will do ;).”

-Brenda from Lincoln Ca